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Nissan Fairlady Z Police car

Hello. The photograph of the vehicles of the Japanese police is introduced. A police car is introduced.
The vehicle type of a Japanese police car is Nissan. GT-R, Subaru Impreza, Honda NSX, Mazda RX-8, etc.
The photograph of a Japanese riot squad's police vehicles is also published. A Japanese police car is the highest. It is cool!

■Police Cars/white & black
Honda NSX Subaru Legacy Toyota Zero-crown Nissan Skyline V35 Mazda RX-8
Nissan Fairalady Z Subaru Impreza NIssan Skyline GT-R-33 Nissan Skyline GT-R-34 NIssan Cedric YPY31
Toyota Crown Royal Mitsubishi Galant VR-4 Mazda RX-7 NIssan Crew Accident service car

■Unmarked Police Cars  
Nissan Skyline V36 Guard car for
Tne Prime Minister
Military police car Ceremony police car Subaru Innpreza
NIssan Cedric YPY31 Toyota Zeor Crown Toyota Crown JSZ155 Toyota Crown JSZ133 Nissan laurel
Toyota Crown Royal Subaru Legacy NIssan Gloria Nissan Skyline V35 Nissan Bluebird
Mazda Capella Toyota Arion Nissan Precea Wagon type SUV
Nissan Tiana Toyota Celsior Honda Legend Mitsubishi Devonair

Transportation bus Transportation bus Guard car
with water canon
Guard car
with water canon
Guard vehicler
with water canon
Gurd & rest car Small guard vehicler Bomb Squad vehicle Bio Chemical Attack
Detection Vehiclel
Decontamination Vehicle
Small bomb
Squad vehicle
Commander car Commander car Water canon car Water canon car
for high space
Guard&rest car Command Vehicle Large area recue vehicle Projector vehicle Crane truck
Large trailer to transport
special equipment
Multi Use Vehicle
Rescue vihicle Rescuevehicle
from drawing
Recker Vehicle x-ray detector vehicle Bomb disposal type
cylinder car
Water truck Sign car for traffic
Elevator car Kitchen car Toilete car Taiking evidence vehicle Communication car
Police boat Police motorsycle Police dog
transport car
Mountain rescue car Transportation

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